Is a Garage Door Hack Possible With Your Type of Garage Opener?

Take the Right Steps to Prevent a Garage Door Hack

As technology becomes more prevalent in the design of garage door openers, you have to be more diligent in garage door hack prevention. This starts by understanding the ways to prevent a garage door hack.

A Misleading Sense of Security

Garage doors often provide a misleading sense of security for individuals who do not take the proper precautions in garage door hack prevention. The reality is that thieves are constantly learning new ways to hack even the newest systems, so it is essential that you work with Rhode Island garage door repair specialists about hackable garage door openers and the best garage door hack prevention practices. A garage door opener with rolling code technology, also referred to as hopping code, is a great place to start; however, it is not impenetrable, and it is unlikely that any garage door opener will ever be entirely unhackable. The good news is that you can take steps to greatly reduce your risk and make your garage less of a target.

Ways to Prevent a Garage Door Hack

The ways you can protect your garage door from a hack are seemingly endless; however, they are quite simple steps. Some steps are low tech and others are high-tech. Some steps may take a bit of getting used to, such as never leave your garage door opener in your car, install a deadlock on your garage for times you are away, turn off your garage door opener at night and when you are away and install external security cameras. If you use a smart controller for your garage door, make sure your phone and networks are protected with firewalls, VPNs and other hack-prevention methodologies. If you still use an older, fixed-code garage door opener, it might be time for an upgrade.