Multi-Panel Garage Doors: Should You Make the Switch?

Should You Convert to a Multi-Panel Garage Door?

The single-panel garage door had been a staple of the American home for many years. The change occurred because multiple door style garage doors tended to be too complex and awkward to use. Over the years, the popularity of these types of doors began to be seen within the suburbs. In the event that your home still contains a single-panel door then you may want to think about converting to a multi-panel door. But what type of benefits does that come with it? The following includes some of the best advantages of obtaining a multiple panel garage door.

Additional Safety Lift Features for Multi-Panel Doors

Most single-panel garage doors will be powered by torsion or extension springs. Although most homeowners will never touch these, the fact is that they can still be very dangerous if they suddenly snap on you. A multi-panel garage door will contain additional safety lift features such as safety containment cables and safety brackets, to name a few.

Much Easier to Replace

Although some may point to a more costly installation process for multi-panel garage doors as a reason not to get them, the fact is that the installation is much more costly because more material is used. This may seem like a bad thing at first, but if your door is damaged, it is much easier and cost-effective to have a Rhode Island garage door repair company come and fix it. On the other hand, a single panel door would in all likelihood need to be replaced entirely, thus costing you more for not just a new door but also for the installation.

More Room Within Your Garage

When a single panel garage door lifts up, it will need a lot of space to do so. This can make things really tight within and outside the garage. However, a multi-panel door does not need that much space to lift, and thus adding larger cars or storage is now possible.