Protect Your Garage Doors With A Locking Handle or Smart Opener

4 Security Measures to Protect Your Garage Doors

Your garage is the portal to your home, where your family and belongs reside. Therefore, it’s important to protect your garage doors so that it is difficult for anyone to breach this important area of your home.

Security Cameras Can Protect Your Garage Doors

Security cameras can act as a deterrent to any would-be thieves because security cameras record faces, clothes, and any other important details. Specifically, a motion-activated camera would be useful because it can record the moment a car pulls up or if someone or an animal approaches. Then the video could get stored on an SD card. Additionally, you can sync the camera with your home alarm system, such as Alexa. This way, you can check up on your garage doors even when you are not home.

Install a Garage Door Locking Handle

If your garage doors need to be opened manually, you may want to consider installing a locking handle that needs a physical key to be accessed. Or you can deter criminals by placing the lock on the inside of your garage doors; you just need to remember to lock the handle behind you before you enter your home to prevent someone else from opening your garage doors.

Remember to Lock the Door That Connects Your Garage to Your Home

A connecting door can act as a security risk if you forget to lock it because once a robber has access to your garage, he or she can walk straight into your house. For this reason, you must always remember to keep the door that connects from your garage to your home closed, and for added security, install a steel connecting door with a deadbolt.

Utilize a Smart Garage Door Opener

While garage door openers help add security by locking the doors once they are down, someone who is determined to steal can still use force to open the garage doors. A smart garage door opener can monitor your garage doors and can send an alert directly to your smartphone if a thief tries to open them, allowing you to notify your local authorities promptly. You can attach the smart garage door opener to the door frame and sync it with your phone through an app. Consider scheduling a garage door repair in Rhode Island to learn more about how to secure your garage doors.