The Benefits of a Spring Garage Door Inspection

At least once a year, you should have your garage door inspected. Since Rhode Island weather can be extremely cold and wet during the winter, it may be the time when damage is most likely to occur. Therefore, the spring season is generally the best time to schedule the annual garage door repair checkup.


Temperature Swings Can Exacerbate Existing Issues

Let’s say that your garage door develops a small crack during the winter because of constant exposure to snow and salt. When spring arrives, temperatures during the day tend to be significantly warmer than they are at night. Therefore, it provides an opportunity for the door to expand and contract as melting snow and rain water freezes and melts. That can result in a small crack growing rapidly in the spring months if it isn’t discovered and fixed as soon as possible.



Temperature Swings Can Be Hard on Metal Components Too

Garage doors are connected to the garage itself through the use of springs and metal brackets. Those springs and brackets can expand and contract as the weather transitions from colder to warmer. Over time, the components can become brittle and break when you least expect it. However, a Rhode Island garage door repair company can help ensure that this doesn’t happen.



Service Is Available Throughout the Year

While the spring months may be an ideal time to have a professional check your garage door for damage, you can schedule an inspection for whenever you want. Some may prefer to have this done during the fall before the cold and wet weather begins in earnest. Garage door professionals may also be available on an emergency basis if you ever need help immediately.