The Dangers of an Old Garage Door

Having an old garage door on your house may not seem like an issue, but there are many dangers that it can pose and can threaten the safety of residents on the property. Many homeowners attempt to save money by keeping their old door, but the possibility of injuries or accidents isn’t worth the risk. Here are a few of the top dangers of an old garage door to be aware of as you maintain your home.


Defects and Outdated Technology

Owning an old garage door means that there are likely defects present due to the age of the feature and parts. The garage door opener is likely due for an upgrade and may malfunction frequently or require frequent repairs. Older openers are known to become defective where they begin to open and close when your neighbor operates their new garage door opener model. The defect will not only be inconvenient to deal with but can also put your house at risk of a break-in.


Wear and Tear

Due to the age of old garage doors, the parts may have a lot of wear and tear due to how many times the mechanisms have been in use over the years. As garage doors age, they become looser and are easier to open manually. It’s important to perform Providence garage door installation once the door is 10 to 12 years old to prevent burglars from having easy access to your house if they attempt to jimmy it open. Excess wear can also require plenty of repairs throughout the year, which can make it more expensive to own rather than investing in a new garage door.


Dangerous Springs

The springs are one of the main parts of garage doors and are prone to breaking as they get older because they’re always under a lot of tension. If the springs break or are faulty, it can lead to serious injuries and accidents if the garage door falls down unexpectedly.


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