The Different Types of Pet Doors That Are Available for Your Garage

Pet Doors That Work Between Your Garage and Yard

Mounting a pet door in your garage is a convenient and straightforward way to prevent dander accumulation in your home while giving your pet some independence. However, coming up with the best door for your pet in the garage can be a challenge for many people. The best way you can choose the ideal door is by understanding the main reason as to why you want to install one. Some doors open in one direction while other pet doors only open when your cat or dog is wearing an electronic collar.

Hard Plastic Pet Doors

These come with a locking platform that runs a plastic cover across the door. The only disadvantage of using this system is that the pet will not enter or exit when the door is locked. However, this comes with a great advantage if you want to keep your pet at bay during the night, and you want to enhance the security of your home while you sleep.

The Traditional Flap

This is the most common and classic door that many pet owners install. Although traditional flap doors are durable, they tend to encourage the entry of possible vermin and intruders. However, you can eradicate this challenge by locking your garage door and ensuring that the door for your pet accesses your garage.

Electric Door

This type of door only works when your pets are wearing a unique electric collar. Although electric doors tend to be expensive compared to plastic doors and traditional flap doors, these doors maintain your home’s safety by ensuring that nothing gets through the door.

Installing a pet door can be challenging as you must ensure that you are not damaging your garage door. Finding a specialist for your garage door installation in Providence may be worth it since you will save on time and ensure that your garage door is secure.