Tips for Changing Your Vintage Garage Size to Fit a Standard Garage Door

Should I Change My Vintage Garage Size to Fit a Standard Garage Door?

Increasing your vintage garage size to fit the standard garage door in most modern homes allows you to open up space that can accommodate larger or more vehicles in addition to creating areas for storage and work spaces. Here are some great tips for helping you decide if you should change the size of your vintage garage.

Increasing Size

Changing the size of your garage to make room for a standard fit garage door requires the assistance of an expert who can raise or rebuild the header above the door. In some instances, the room above the header may be insufficient, making it necessary to raise the entire roof above the garage to accommodate a larger garage door that also increases the interior size of the garage itself.

Standard Garage Door Fit

The standard garage door fit should allow for additional space on each side of your vehicle and can be adjusted for height by about one-foot, if you have taller vehicles. Opening up headspace also makes your garage feel larger, and with expansion of the frame of your garage door, you’ll add much needed space for wider vehicles and storage.

More Room

The use of your garage for outdoor work should also be taken into consideration before you decide on the standard fit size that’ll work best for your specific needs. Enlarging your vintage garage’s overall area provides you with more room, so you can park smaller machines such as motorcycles, lawn mowers and other types of equipment without feeling boxed-in. A company that offers Rhode Island garage door repair can help you find garage doors that perfectly fit your garage.