Tips on How to Maintain Your Garage Door

How to Maintain Your Garage Door With DIY Tips

If you want to maintain your garage door, a few tips will help. Pay attention to the way your garage door opens and closes. Does your garage door close smoothly or does it seem to slow down at certain places? Pay attention to what kind of noises your garage door makes. Make a note of if all sides of the garage door appear to be symmetrical. If there are any problems, a professional can repair them.

Keep the Hardware in Tune

On average, garage doors will move down and move up over a thousand times over the course of a year. All of that movement causes the hardware to loosen. Tighten any loose hardware you notice with a socket wrench.

Remember to Lubricate Garage Parts

You need to ensure that the parts of your garage door are properly greased up at least once a year. Professionals who perform garage door repair in Providence typically use lithium grease and a spray lubricant on the opener chain in order to help coat the springs of your garage door.

Check the Condition of the Cables

The cables that lift your garage door are a force to be reckoned with. Check the cables for strands that are broken or if there may be any damage near the bottom roller. Any serious damage can be reversed with the help of a talented garage door repair specialist.

Test Safety Features

To test the mechanical features of your garage door, put a piece of wood on the ground. When the garage door lowers, it should go in the opposite direction once it senses the piece of wood on the ground. If your garage door is over 20 years old, it may not reverse directions.

Check the Garage Door

The wood of your garage door needs to be replaced if it gets warped, and you’ll want to correct any chipped paint. You should wash your garage door at regular intervals with an all-purpose cleaner. Try to keep your garage door clean and beautiful to maintain its curb appeal.