Tips on How to Properly and Safely Open a Garage Door Post-Earthquake

Can I Open My Garage Door Safely Post-Earthquake?

Experiencing an earthquake can be a scary and dangerous situation to be in. However, the dangers of an earthquake don’t stop once it stops but are present throughout the post-earthquake period. One of the situations you’re going to run into is the opening of your garage door. Caution should be practiced when attempting to open it. Therefore, the following includes important information on how to safely lift your door.

Should You Open Your Garage Door Post-Earthquake?

The short answer to this is, it depends. I know it might not be the most convenient of answers for you, but it’s true. You must inspect the door first to see if there is any severe damage to the structure of the door. If the material is mangled or almost falling apart, then you should not go anywhere near it. According to many companies that provide garage door repairs in Rhode Island, the danger of a tension spring snapping is very real and should be avoided.

Going Manual

The good news is that if the door doesn’t seem to have any severe damages to it, you can lift it. The best way to do this is to have your garage door go into manual mode. This can be done easily. First, look for a long red string hanging down from the motor of your opener. Slowly begin to pull it down as you do not know what has come loose during the earthquake. Once you hear a snap, this means that you’re now in manual mode and can lift the door with your hands. It is highly recommended to have someone help you lift the door as it can be quite heavy.