Tips on How to Select a Garage Door That Is Ocean-Air-Resistant

Garage Doors That Stand Up to Ocean Air

Ocean air is a punishing thing. Any air near the water tends to have salt, humidity, and high wind speeds. Because of this, many garage doors are not suitable for these environments. Luckily, there are a few simple tips that can help you find a garage door that is ocean-air-resistant.

Avoid Wooden Doors

Many traditional garage doors are constructed primarily of wood or wood-based materials. While this is perfectly acceptable in most environments, the high moisture content of ocean air can cause swelling and premature failure of a wooden garage door. In order to avoid these problems, look for fiberglass or composite garage doors, which are much more readily equipped to deal with harsh environments.

Look for Stainless Steel Hardware That Is Ocean-Air-Resistant

One of the most common failure points for a garage door living near the seaside is rust. Normal steel hardware is prone to rusting in salty or humid areas. This not only leads to a door that looks tired, but it can also cause the door to jam or otherwise not function as it should. To avoid this, look for garage doors that utilize stainless steel hardware, which is almost entirely corrosion-resistant.

Choose Glass Windows, Not Plastic

Many lower-end garage doors use plastic windows as a means of cost savings. In a normal environment, these are often sufficient. However, in the windy and salty air of an ocean region, plastic windows will quickly become cloudy and brittle. This makes the door look much older than it is, and can make the windows much more susceptible to cracking. To avoid this, make sure to find a garage door with real glass windows. If you have any questions about choosing a garage door that is well-suited to withstanding ocean air, there are numerous reputable businesses that can provide a garage door repair in Providence. With just a few simple tips, finding the right door is an easy process.