Tips on Three Effective Garage Upgrades for Storing Boats

3 Garage Upgrades for Storing Boats

One of the most common annoyances boat owners face is having to pay thousands in storage fees each year. However, what if you could simply store your boat within your garage? Although many garage spaces are built and designed for cars, it can be done. With a few upgrades, you can begin storing and working on boats from your home in no time. Simply utilize the following three garage upgrades to accomplish this.

Add Heating to Your Boating Space

Boat owners know too well that the reason why boat storage is so expensive is that it takes a lot of work and energy to keep it within a warm temperate. Therefore, the first upgrade you should add to your garage space is to find a way to heat it properly. Although space heaters can do the job, they are certainly not recommended as they can pose a large fire risk to your home. The best way to approach this is to install an HVAC system into your space. Fortunately, there are plenty of garage door repair Providence companies that have the expertise to do this job.

Add Durable Flooring for Boats

There’s no doubt about it, a boat on top of a trailer can be way heavier than a car parked. Therefore, it is in your best interest and the look of your garage space to add durable flooring. You might think that your concrete floor is enough, but that is often not the case. Thus, the best approach to this issue is to add a polyurea garage floor coating. This type of flooring will provide you with not only a clean look but also a floor that provides traction.

Add Additional Drains

When storing your boat away for the seasons, a responsible boat owner should begin to not only clean the exterior of the boat but release any harmful chemicals or excess water. Most garage spaces tend to only have one small drain. Therefore, in order to properly have a draining system that can handle the maintenance of a boat, it is recommended to either add an additional drain or expand the size of your current one.