Top Ways to Update a Garage Door in 2019

The garage door is an important component of residential properties and is typically used frequently by residents. Improving the quality of the feature can allow it to become more attractive and functional. If you want to spruce up the feature, there are a few ways to update your garage door in 2019 with a few of the latest trends.


Add High-Tech Features

As technology continues to evolve and become more advanced, homeowners now have more options when it comes to high-tech features that can be added to garage doors. There are now garage door openers that feature compact fluorescent bulbs for improved visibility and illumination in the garage. The lights won’t interfere with the remote or opener for added convenience and ease of use. More energy-efficient motors are also available in the industry and include a backup battery to prevent an interruption in its operation and reduce the risk of garage door repair in Providence.


Control the Door with Your Smartphone

As homes are becoming smarter and more advanced with the use of technology, homeowners can now control their garage door with the use of their smartphone. By opening or closing the door with your device, you can allow your kids to have access to the house when they get home from school even if you’re not present. Smart laser pointers can also be installed to assist with parking and avoid damage to your vehicle when coming in and out of the garage each day.


Incorporate Energy-Efficient Features

More garage doors are becoming energy-efficient to minimize how much energy is used on the property, which also reduces the homeowners’ carbon footprint and energy bill. More garage door manufacturers are offering robust steel hardware and higher insulation values that can be added to doors. The new products also include more efficient weather sealing systems that prevent cool or hot air from transferring into the building through the garage door each season.