Types of Garage Doors: Find Out Which One Works For You

The Different Types of Garage Doors Available

A home that doesn’t have a quality garage door may not sell as quickly as one that does. Furthermore, it may be harder to secure a home if the garage door doesn’t open or close in a timely or proper manner. Let’s go over a few different types of garage doors to help you get a better idea of what may be available in your area.

Sectional Garage Doors Are Among the Most Common Seen on Homes

Among the different types of garage doors that you can choose from, sectional garage doors tend to be the most common and most popular. This is because they are relatively easy and inexpensive for a garage doors Rhode Island company to install. Furthermore, this type of door tends to be easier to maintain throughout their useful lives. A sectional door can be made from a variety of materials such as aluminum or steel, and you can also add glass windows to them.

Rolling Doors Are Among the Different Types of Garage Doors You Can Install

Rolling doors are popular because they tend to be durable, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. A rolling door can either go up and down or side to side depending on your needs and preferences. This type of door can be opened automatically or manually, and your choice will depend largely on your needs, budget and how often you use the door.

What Are Some of Your Other Garage Door Options?

It may be possible to have a tilt-up garage door installed on your home, and these doors are typically a single piece as opposed to installed in sections. Generally speaking, tilt-up doors cost more than a sectional or rolling door, and they may require more maintenance to keep them working properly.