Ways to Keep Your Garage Door Secure in the Summer

Top Tips for Securing Your Garage in the Summer

The summer season is one of the most common times of the year when break-ins occur because residents are often away from their properties on trips and excursions. Intruders often target houses that are unoccupied by accessing the garage, which can increase the risk of becoming a victim to theft. For added security and peace of mind, there are a few ways to secure your garage in the summer.

Frost the Windows

One of the most common features found on garage doors are windows, which add a decorative element and also allow natural light into the building. Unfortunately, this can also allow burglars to take a peek inside and attempt to break into the home by breaking the glass. Make it a point to frost the windows for added privacy to ensure intruders can’t scope out how to get in or what they want to steal.

Install Lighting

If your house is dark or dim in the evenings, then it will be easier for intruders to hide in the shadows and break into the house without appearing visible to the neighbors. You can prevent your house from being targeted by installing lighting in and around the garage with motion sensor lights that are in use. There are also garage door openers that illuminate when they’re activated, which can cause intruders to flee the property in fear of being spotted.

Amp Up Your Locks

Similar to other areas of the home, your garage door should also be locked to make it difficult to get through. If you own an older garage door that features materials that are weak or have become damaged, consider garage door installation in Providence to improve the security of the building and have a feature that includes a keypad or additional locks. You can also deadbolt the door from the garage. Slide locks are also useful and will prevent burglars from using a coat hanger to unlatch the safety mechanism and access the building.