What Are the Best Options for Wooden Garage Doors?

Wood Types Commonly Used for Wooden Garage Doors

When you are looking to either have a new garage made on your property or replace your existing garage doors, there are plenty of options. Wooden garage doors are among the best due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. It’s helpful to know what types of wood can be used.


Redwood is a type of higher-end material used for wood doors for a garage. They are constructed to be among the most durable by using several layers of wood. This helps to reduce the risk of warping from rain and excess heat. You can have it painted or varnished so that it shows off its natural beauty.


One of the most basic types of garage door options is plywood. It is less expensive but offers a stunning appearance at the same time. Plywood is fairly thin, however, so it’s important to have it insulated with foam core if you choose to use it for your garage doors.

Cedar Wooden Garage Doors

Perhaps the best type of wood to use in garage door installation in Providence is cedar. This is because it is extremely durable and has exceptional resistance to decay, moisture and insects. You can get it in its natural hues of white or red but can have it stained to match with the color of your garage or home. Keep in mind that you need to seal cedar garage doors every other year for best results.


Mahogany is typically a favorite type of wood to use for garage doors due to its aesthetic appeal. It’s both beautiful and durable and can withstand the elements. You can keep it its natural color or choose a number of other colors to make it truly stand out.

Reclaimed Wooden Garage Doors

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been repurposed and essentially recycled. It is quickly gaining popularity as the go-to choice for garage doors among the eco-conscious and can be made in a variety of styles.

No matter what type of wood you select for your garage, you can expect excellent results and many years of use.