What You Should Know About Colored Concrete Garage Floors

3 Types of Colored Concrete Flooring for Your Garage

A variety of colorful dyes and beautiful stains for garage floors offer attractive naturally created designs that add dimension and a polished appearance to your garage. Here are a few excellent types of colored concrete mediums that’ll dramatically enhance the look of your garage floor.

Colored Concrete Dyes

Concrete dyes are great for coloring garage floors in a natural way that doesn’t require a chemical reaction to create long-lasting color. Instead, these dyes penetrate deeply into the porous concrete, casting visual effects such as marbling, through the use of a water-based dye, and even more color tones if a solvent-based dye is used. The sheer variety of available colors make these dyes a perfect choice for accenting the unique characteristics of your garage floor.


Application of an acid-stain is the most popular method for coloring garage floors. This type of stain is known for its longevity and vibrant array of earth-tone, blue and green color variations; however, the translucency of chemical staining highlights rather than hides existing flaws. Colored stains that use acid are produced through a chemical reaction that interacts with the lime in the concrete.

Water-Based Stains

Water-based stains produce stronger color pigmentation with a larger assortment of hues than acid-stains. Permanent color changes range from sheer to more opaque tones that also come in stunning metallic tints. This medium is a great choice for its quick-drying nature that uses less toxic and harsh chemicals. Applying a concrete sealer helps to protect your garage floor’s color and increases its durability. A Providence garage door installation company will have everything you need to create the perfect setting in your garage, revving up the overall beauty of your home.