Why You Should Never Neglect Your Garage Door Cables

Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Garage Door Cables

Your garage is made up of a lot of parts that make it possible for you to open and close your garage door. The system includes such parts as springs and cables. These parts keep your garage door working as it should.

Your garage door’s springs work under a high-tension environment. If they break, your door could become damaged. Your door’s cable catches the door if the spring gets damaged in any way. If your door’s cable stops working, your door won’t open. At this point, you will need to call in a technician who works with garage doors in Rhode Island.

Torsion Springs

Garage door cables come in three different varieties. They all work in their own way. The repairs that will need to be done will largely depend on the type of cables your garage door has.

Torsion springs sit horizontally above the opening of your garage door. The cables on the bottom of your door make your door’s springs operate. When you open your door, the springs start unwinding. That energy helps the garage door to work properly. If your door isn’t working as it should, the springs do not unwind.

Garage Door Cables

Safety cables keep your springs from flying off your garage door. Cables sit on the garage door tracks near the pulleys. The cables wind through the springs and connect to the same mechanisms as the springs. If your safety cable stop working, the springs can pop off and cause injury.

Extension Spring Cables

These systems use springs that get attached to the bottom of the door as well as the cables. When you close your garage door, the springs will then get stretched. As your door opens, the springs lift the door. When the cables stop working properly, the door will not open as it should.