Wind-Rated Garage Doors: Understanding Their Benefits

What You Should Know About Wind-Rated Garage Doors

No matter if you live near the beach or within a windy city, the fact is that your garage door must be ready to handle a sudden wind storm. Neglecting this part of your home can lead to having not only your door being damaged but your car and other property as well. Wind-rated garage doors are created to withstand the powerful energy of a wind storm, but that’s just the start. The following includes a list of things you should know about wind-rated garage doors.

Impact-Resistant and Hurricane-Proof Wind-Rated Doors

When it comes to wind-rated garage doors, there are essentially two on the market today. An impact-resistant door can handle large items being thrown at it. This type is great for areas that are not next to the ocean but rather next to other homes, which tend to have items that can lift easily in the wind and impact your garage door. A hurricane-proof door is often the best choice for those living near the ocean, as not only does the durability of the material count but also the strength of the framework.

Bracing Kits

No matter what type of garage door you choose to get, it is important to add the bracing kit properly. If you are someone who is familiar with this kit, then you can easily do it yourself. In the event that you’re new to bracing kits, then it is highly recommended that you seek the services of a garage door repair Providence company to ensure a property and safe installation.

Checking Your City Codes

Before you invest money into a new garage door or kit, it is important to ensure that you purchase the right type according to your city codes. Some cities or counties will require residence to have a certain type of wind-rated garage door in order to pass their building inspection. For example, beachside homes will often require a garage door that can withstand at least 130-mile winds.