Working Around Garage Support Columns and Making Them Useful

Three Ways to Work Around Garage Support Columns

Garage support columns often get in the way and can be quite a nuisance. While they often cannot be entirely removed, there are some ways you can use them to your benefit. This will show you how to make the best of these columns so that they add to your garage rather than just give you a headache.

Garage Support Column Seating

One of the best ways to use garage support columns is to arrange seating around the column. Many people use their garages for other purposes, such as a gym or entertainment area, and this allows you to use the garage column so that everyone is comfortable. You can place seats or even sofas by the column. This also prevents people from noticing the column as they’ll be more concerned about sitting down and relaxing.

Make It Decorative

While decorative columns are more common for other rooms, there’s nothing stopping you from making this column decorative and adding some aesthetic flair to your garage. This makes the column look better and can also enhance the design of your entire garage. You don’t even need to do much to make it decorative. You can paint a design on it, hang some decorative elements or use a column wrap. Be sure to ask about this when you’re getting garage door repair in Providence.

Regardless of your design choices, this shouldn’t take long and your garage will look better than ever.

Cabinets and Storage

This method hides the column while also making it very useful. You can hang cabinets, place toolboxes near the column or even use custom cabinets by the column. This allows the column to support the extra storage space. If you already have adequate storage space, then consider rearranging your garage so that the column is used for storage. This will give you more free room in your garage while making it look more organized.