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Garage Door Cable Replacement

Along with the springs, garage door cables help move the door smoothly along the tracks.

Broken cables can lead to several issues with your garage door – including shaking, falling, or getting stuck – so it’s best to have them replaced when they aren’t working.

How Do They Break?

A few causes of broken cables include:

  • Wear and tear – Over time, garage door cables can become worn and frayed. This can be due to the regular use of the garage door or environmental factors like temperature and humidity.
  • Rust – If the cables are exposed to moisture, rust can form on them, leading to corrosion that weakens the cable’s structure.
  • Improper tension – The garage door cables must be under the right amount of tension to work correctly. If the tension is too loose or too tight, it can cause the cables to break.

If your garage door cables are broken or damaged, it can cause problems with your entire garage door system.

They can make the weight of the door become unevenly distributed, which puts a strain on other important components like the springs, tracks, and rollers. Some signs of broken cables include noisy operation, difficulty opening the door, or an unbalanced door.

If you’re not sure if your cables are the issue, don’t worry! Our technicians perform a thorough 25-point inspection to find the problem before starting any repairs.

Never attempt to fix broken cables yourself – always call a trained professional who can replace them safely.

Cables You Can Rely On

If your garage door opener is having trouble opening and closing, it could be due to faulty cables that can harm your whole garage door system and lead to expensive repairs.

At Precision, our professional technicians are trained to work with all weights, sizes, and styles of garage doors. We carry only the highest-quality parts to safely replace your broken cables with ones that will last.

Precision uses more flexible and quieter stainless steel aircraft-grade cables with 19 wires per strand, which last longer than standard cables.

Other companies use standard cables that only utilize 7 wires per strand, and are less flexible and more noisy

Professional Garage Door Cable Replacement

We follow industry best practices when installing new garage door cables.

25-Point Safety Inspection

Your family’s safety is our top priority. That’s why we offer a 25-point safety inspection to ensure that all the hardware and moving components of your door are in good shape.

Our technicians will inspect your garage door system and pinpoint any potential hazards or malfunctions to keep your door working safely.

Using The Right Cables

Different types of garage doors require different cables to work correctly. Our technicians are trained to install the correct cables for all garage door sizes, styles, and weights.

After the installation is complete, your technician will perform a balance test to make sure your door is opening and closing smoothly.

Replacing Both Cables

Most garage doors use two cables to operate. When one breaks, there’s a good chance the other will follow shortly behind.

If a broken cable is identified as the issue, our techs will generally advise replacing both. Being proactive helps prolong the lifespan of your new cable and other components.

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