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Professional Garage Door Lubrication Services

Does your garage door sound squeakier than it used to? It may be time to apply some lubricant if the noise has become a problem for you and your home.

As important as lubrication is, it’s not as simple as spraying on some oil and calling it a day.

At Precision, we offer professional maintenance services like lubrication to keep your door working smoothly and quietly.

Garage Door Lubrication Best Practices

It’s important to regularly lubricate your garage door to prevent problems like excessive noise, rust, build-up of debris, and more.

That being said, not all lubricants are suitable for use on garage door parts.

Although WD-40 is useful for a lot of tasks – ex. removing oil, softening rubber seals, and fixing scuff marks – it should not be used to lubricate garage door parts. In fact, regular WD-40 can reduce lubrication and attract more dirt, making it more harmful than helpful for garage doors.

Instead, you’ll want to opt for an alternative lubricant made with either a silicone or lithium base.

Lithium-based lubricants are best for metal components and hardware. They work in very high and low temperatures equally well, are good at preventing corrosion and rust, and are resistant to the effects of heat and water. However, these types of lubricants don’t work as well for plastic or rubber components and can cause them to wear down faster.

Silicone-based lubricants are a bit more versatile than lithium. They’re made by mixing silicone oil with a thickening agent and can perform well on a variety of materials including rubber, plastic, wood, and metal.  Silicone lubricants don’t handle extremely high temperatures quite as well as lithium-based lubricants, but they’re generally better at keeping moisture away.

How to Properly Maintain Your Garage Door

We typically recommend lubricating your garage door at least once or twice per year, depending on how often it’s used and the type of climate you live in.

If it’s been a while since your door was last lubricated, you may notice some signs that it needs attention, including:

  • Unusually noisy operation, especially if you hear squeaking or grinding noises
  • Slightly stiff operation or slower movement than you remember
  • Signs of rust developing on components or pieces of hardware
  • Slight vibration or shaking (if you notice a lot of shaking, you may have a more serious problem with your garage door cables)


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If you’re uncertain about choosing the appropriate lubricant for your garage door components or how (and where) to apply it, we can help! Our expert Precision technicians will give your door the care it needs to keep working smoothly and quietly.

A Company You Can Trust

Our customers are our neighbors, and we’re proud to offer trusted garage door repair services to homeowners in our community. Here are some of the kind words left by people we’ve helped in the past.

“Great company to do business with, very reliable, and the install guys are great. Thank you again for the new garage door.” – Carmine D.

“Almost instant service with excellent explanation of problems and effecient repairs/replacement. Technician was very courteous as well as knowledgeable. Great communication from the company regarding the appointment. I recommend them highly.” – Kenneth R.

“Andrew went above and beyond to help fix a mysterious problem with my garage door. I am very grateful. Thank you, Andrew!” – Lisa R.

“Service provided was excellent. Technician was polite and gave me an estimate with different options. Walked me through the process and answered any question I had with courtesy and patience.” – Vicki S.

“Company serviced my garage door the same day I called. The service tech was very pleasant and explained everything he was going to do. Was very good at what he did. Very happy I chose Precision Door.” – Ed G.

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