How to Protect Your Garage Door from Nor’easters

Yellow caution sign that says "Winter Storm Warning" in front of storm clouds

It’s important to be prepared for the strong winds that make their way through New England during Nor’Easter season – typically from September through April. The winds are often accompanied by rain, sleet, and heavy snow, so doing some preventative maintenance is the best way to protect your garage door (and the rest of your home) from the outside elements this season.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, winter storms cause billions of dollars with of damage each year, and New England is often heavily impacted. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to keep your family safe.

How to Prep Your Garage Door Door for a Nor’easter

  • Remove any loose debris from the area. Strong winds could lift up objects surrounding your property and slam them into your garage door during a storm. Collect any lawn care tools, trash cans, lids, or other outdoor items and place them in the garage until the storm has passed.
  • Avoid water damage by using flood barriers. Flood barriers are a cost-effective solution to absorb excess drainage caused by heavy rains.
  • Wherever possible, seal the windows and doors. Install weatherstripping around the perimeter of your door and windows to prevent leaks.
  • Clean out your gutters. Flooding is frequently caused by backed-up gutters. Water can run over into your garage if they’re full of debris and cause water damage.
A garage door that's fallen on top of cars parked underneath
  • Regularly maintain your door. We recommend an annual tune-up to help all of your garage door components stay in working order. If it’s been a while since we’ve last taken a good look at your door, now’s the time to call!
  • Add reinforcements. Hurricane braces add an extra layer of protection to your garage door during high winds. Keep in mind that these can be difficult to put in place by yourself – we’ll install them for you quickly and safely.
Wind zone map of Rhode Island

Keep Your Home Safe with a Wind-Rated Door

It’s not uncommon for wind speeds in the area to exceed 100 MPH, and your garage is one of your home’s most vulnerable spaces. High winds can tear off the door, rush into the garage, create enough pressure to lift the roof off, and cause serious structural damage.

The best way to avoid that dangerous (and costly) situation is to have us install a wind-rated garage door designed specifically to protect your home from strong gusts. Whether you live right by the ocean or not, knowing your garage door is capable of withstanding a sudden wind storm or nor’easter offers priceless peace of mind.

If you have any questions about getting a wind-rated garage door that complies with your city codes, call us today!

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